Frequently Asked Questions

We are located on a
rural property, on the outskirts of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

All payment methods are handled by Shopify and Paypal, we are
never revealed any of your credit card, or other financial information. 

We value your privacy and frequently opt out of participating into
selling or advertising platforms if we are required to surrender customer
information. Besides a system generated promotional discount email and the
necessary order communication we do not clutter your mail box with daily news
and promotions. We prefer to  leave the quality of our products to
speak for themselves and to not apply pushy marketing tactics.

To read more about the steps we take to ensure
the safety and privacy of your online shopping experience, please read our
privacy policy.

We offer a worldwide shipping.

Being a Canadian rural residents ourselves we fully understand the
current challenges with PO box addresses. Your PO box address would be accepted
at Foothills Naturals, as we are proud to offer the most affordable delivery
options to all who are residing in the most remote corners of our country.

Our free shipping policies are also applied to all addresses
within North America regardless of how remote your location is.

Yes, all orders receive tracking number.

While all herb, spice and loose leaf tea photos were taken of
products from our warehouse, please keep in mind that these are natural
products, and colours and cuts can vary from lot to lot. We take care to update
the pictures when the product appearance changes significantly.

Herbs and spices generally don't spoil, they simply loose their
potency over time. How the herbs are stored will play a role in how long they
retain their potency. If stored in airtight container, such as glass jars, or
our resealable bag, and kept in a cool, dark, dry place, whole herbs and spices
last 3-4 years. We do provide a  "best by" date on the package
which is typically more than 2 years in the future.

Our resealable bags are made from a high barrier material which
helps protect the contents from exposure, and preserve freshness, aroma and

For our most up-to-date certificates please send us an email and
we will provide you with a copy of our certificate.

We make every effort possible to ethical sourcing and supporting
communities from seed to shelf.

Every product we sell is tested for pathogens and heavy metals
here in Canada. Only herbs in compliance with Health Canada's and CFIA's
requirements for cleanliness are used in our products.

Yes we do. Send us a request through our contact form.

In general businesses which are approved to purchase wholesale
from us will receive a discount code with which they can place an online order.
Those approved for bulk ordering would need to email us their order and approve
an offer before arranging shipment.