Is our Packaging Recyclable:

Unfortunately the simple answer is “probably no”. We have explored the possibility of biodegradable packaging, however in order to preserve the freshness and the quality of the product we offer we had to pick a packaging which would allow us to deliver the product to you without compromising the nutrients, flavour and overall quality. (The natural acidity of the teas and herbs, causes the biodegradable packaging to disintegrate before the best before date of the product stored inside.)   

Facilities which recycle our tea packaging do exist, and if you have one in your area we do encourage you to dispose of the bags responsibly. 

We do try to use minimal packaging, and are constantly searching for biodegradable pouches which would provide the protection we need.

All the tinctures and herbal supplements, we offer for sale, come in glass bottles and are fully recyclable. 

Best before date is provided on the packaging. However stored in a cool, dark, dry place the dried herbs can remain fresh for several years.

Whenever possible we source – Organic, Kosher, Responsibly harvested products. No added chemicals, preservatives or flavours.